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Wall Mount Vertical Bike Rack

Wall Mount Bike Rack Vertical Bicycle Hanger with Easy, Secure Storage for Space Saving in Garage and congested Areas- (Multicolor)

Regular Price ₹ 2,999.00
Sale Price ₹ 1,949.00
  • WALL-MOUNTED BIKE RACKS: Short of space? Need a storage solution that won't get in the way? A vertical wall rack from Cycle Stand India is the best option available. Our vertical bike hanger presents a combination of space-saving function with a sleek and stylish form that compliments practically any space. This bike storage racks are built to last, easy to use, require no lift and most importantly space saving

  • EASY INSTALLATION AND NO-LIFT: Simply balance the bike on its rear wheel and push it into the wall mount bike rack – there’s no heavy lifting required. This stylish and contemporary design is sturdy, weather-resistant easy to install and prevents damage or injury from accidental dislodging

  • ULTIMATE SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION: Cycle Stands India provides the best solution for space-saving bike storage. This vertical wall bike racks offer convenient options to make the best usage of space. If you are thinking of storing a bike within a congested space, then a vertical bike rack can allow you to do that

  • BUILT TO LAST: Our vertical bike racks are one of the most durable racks made of solid steel powder coated with high-quality paint. It does not break and lose paint after an extended period of use. This strong rack is compatible with every bike and having the capacity of holding bike up to 35 kg

  • SECURE BIKE STORAGE: Cycle Stands India ensures the security and proper care of all kinds of bikes especially for the bicycles with a tyre width upto 68 mm. During storage, bikes fit snugly in the wall bike rack resting on the front tyre, avoiding the possibility of damaging the frame or rims. It can also secure bicycle against theft



1. No Lifting Required.

2. Even 12 Year old child can mount the Bicycle.

3. Suitable for all the Adult Bicycle's with tyre width upto 65 mm.

4. Only Bicyle's tyre is in contact with the Bike Rack thereby avoiding the
damage to your precious Bicycle's Rim.


5. Gives a Private reserved space for your Bicycle's like Private Car Parking.

6. Manufactured with International Quality Standards.

7. Design and Manufactured by Engineersto protect and encourage the use of Bicycle's.

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100%  Refund for any defects within the Return period.

Return Period: 30 Days from the date of order.

Warranty: 5 Years warranty for the product fabrication. 


We ship at Pan India Level.

Orders will be shipped within 1-2 Days.

Delivery will be done within 4-6 Days depending on the delivery location.

*Once we receive the order, shipping the same as soon as possible becomes our Top priority.

Inside the Box

Along with the Rack following Items are also included in the Order.

1. 2 Nos. 5/16 Anchor Fasterners for Mounting the Rack on the Wall.

2. Detailed Drawings for the Installation which also includes proper Drilling Instructions for Perfect Mounting of the Rack & Easy Mounting Technique Instructions.

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